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Too costly to celebrate.

My girlfriend and I had a very late celebration for my birthday last month. We went to Chili’s as last year it was 2 for $25. That was a shared appetizer, two entrees, and a shared dessert. Also, you got the margaritas shaker for $5.

Today I looked at the menu and couldn’t believe the changes. Our server told us that there had already been three changes this year, and we are still in March.

They have a lunch special starting at $10, that didn’t have my fajitas on it, so I went to the part that had a starter and main course from $10.99. My girlfriend found one for $13.99. Again, no fajitas so I checked in the main part of the menu. Chicken was the cheapest at $16.89. No salad with it. We both had a drink at $9.39.
The bill with tip was almost $60, for a tiny salad, 2 entrees, and 2 alcoholic drinks.

I think it will probably be a year before I go back again, and by then it will have gone up several times.


3 responses to “Too costly to celebrate.”

  1. Inflation is impossible to keep up with!

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  2. Inflation affects everyone!


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